Unique mobile lab services is the first and only mobile service specifically designed to provide continuity care for elder and psych care residents and patients.

This is what makes us unique

(Clinical) chemistry profile testing for patients in partnership with several medical directors in both the elder and psych health care community created chemistry profile testing for patient health and wellness – a testing protocol that provides patient health and wellness tracking in conjunction with medication management by using testing data and analysis with LCMS high complexity testing that monitors your residents or patients medication management while cross checking patient health.

While providing continuity of care with our patient medication management and safety testing, data provides medication levels with precise accuracy, cross checks against the doctor’s prescription and what is in their system. In addition, we assist in health and safety analysis for illicit drugs, pain medication, that could lead to possible diversion. What separates us is the added patient health testing for UTI, glucose, leucocytes’s and urobillinogen for liver and kidney function (just to name a few) this testing protocol is part of our continuity or care health and safety testing analysis.

We provide clinic days vs multiple independent orders our residential elder and psych care testing services are provided on site at your guest home, board n care, assisted living, skilled nursing or independent home location.

No more driving to appointments, no more calling in or faxing individual orders, unique mobile labs provides daily onsite testing service based on a planned schedule at your residential location

Clinical chemistry and patient profile our testing services include genetics, blood wellness, medication and health toxicology and specific medication management such as CBC/DIF as well as specific individual testing for patient health and safety.

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