Chemistry profile testing for patient health and wellness – the unique whole health service starts with the most comprehensive wellness panel in the medical industry. Our whole health and wellness is designed specifically for mens health analysis and womens health specific to their needs.


What separates us is the added patient health testing analysis for UTI, glucose, leucocytes’s and urobillinogen for liver and kidney function (just to name a few) this testing protocol is part of our continuity or care health and safety testing analysis.


While providing this continuity of care with our patient medication management program with safety testing data provides medication levels with precise accuracy, cross checks against the doctor’s prescription and what is in the patient or residents system. The high complexity testing provides the physician to see possible absorption rates as well as possible fast or slow metabolism of the prescribed medication.


Additionally, we assist in health and safety analysis for illicit drugs or pain medications, that could lead to possible diversion as a full comprehensive wellness protocol.